This class specifically body-maps the breathing mechanism and trains the participant to engage all of its movement to assists in freeing up the breath.  Once the breath is liberated then optimal relaxation and performance abilities can be accessed.  This class lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on class size, is ideal for any musician at any level and works well for schools, large and small ensembles as well as church organizations. Please inquire about fees to present this class and customize it for your organization.  Private breathing sessions are available as well.



Excursion of the Ribs

A. Three “diaphragms” and how they function in breathing:

1. Lower: Pelvic floor
2. Middle: Lower ribs
3. Upper: Throat or “vocal”

B. 3-5 part breath: Lower Abdomen-Ribs-Collar Bones-Base of Skull-Soft Palate

C. Oscillation of spine and massaging of the heart

D. IN – UP – OUT with raised ribs

E. Other breathing exercises