When scraping reeds always do the following to insure a more successful outcome:

1. Be mindful of how you scrape by taking your time and carefully observe.

2. If you are a right-handed scraper: work left to center, then right to center.  Never scrape the center of the reed directly.

3. Use the sharpest part of the blade.

4. Watch where the cane is curling on the knifes edge as it gives you indication as to where you are scraping on the reed.

5. Use the majority of the knifes blade, except for the very tip and the very heal, until evenly dull.

6. Measure multiple times.

7. Make reeds in groups to monitor and control scraping patterns.

8. Check the profile of the reed frequently, especially at the beginning stages.

9. Work towards balancing all four quadrants with each other: left with right as well as back to front.

10. Use a plaque when working on the upper half of the reed.


Stay tuned for more reed scraping advice!