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Twice a year, I host Brian Seaton, Master Repairman of North American Oboe House, when he comes to Norfolk to perform oboe repairs for local area oboists. Typically, he works out of my space, once in mid-June during OBOE HOLIDAY, as well as at some time during the cooler months. His next planned visit is scheduled for late January/early February of 2015. Please inquire as to the details of his next repair tour and to schedule an appointment. Sufficient advanced notice is required for installing “Philadelphia D keys.”

Clients are welcome to stay with your oboe while Brian is doing repairs but, when possible, please drop off instruments at my location in advance with a note inside the instrument case or case cover that includes the following:

Phone Number (Cell preferred)
Instrument Brand
Instrument Serial Number
Specific repairs desired
When you are available to pick up the instrument

When emailing or calling to set up an appointment please include the previous information as well.

Repair rates are $85 per hour, to be paid at time of appointment completion. Payments can be made in cash, by check or credit card. If you are an institution getting repairs then please work out the payment in advance of service.

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