In an effort to make sure that there is a common understanding of what is expected, I have highlighted each POLICY guideline for ease of review.  If you have any concerns then please address them prior to or at the first lesson so as to maintain clarity about the guidelines.  By attending lessons, you therefore agree to the terms and conditions of my guidelines as stated below.


CANCELLATIONS require a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice for consideration as an excused absence and make-up lesson.  Otherwise, the lesson is considered forfeited and a make-up lesson is at the discretion of the instructor.  Cancellations more than 24 hours advanced notice may be made via email, phone/voicemail or in person.  Cancellations less than 24 hours advanced notice must be made by phone, or, in the event that I cannot be reached in person, a voice mail must be left.  All attempts must be made to contact me in person for cancellations under 24 hours.  Excused absences less than 24 hours notice are as follows: acts of God, vehicle troubles/accidents, and illness.  Calls should be made at first indications of conflicts.  Cancellations from the instructor will be made-up and scheduled at the earliest mutual availability.

SCHEDULE AND CONTACT INFORMATION:  Every effort will be made to provide a regular weekly scheduled lesson.  Attempts will be made to provide schedule changes approximately one week to one month in advance in order to schedule any make up lessons due to conflicts on the instructors behalf.  The student will also make every attempt to keep the regular weekly lesson time.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Provide home and cell contact numbers as well as email addresses.  Emails will be the main form of communication as well as text messages.  Please respond to all emails in a timely manner within a 48 hours of delivery, and texts at your earliest convenience.  Should any contact information change at any point, please provide updated information immediately as to allow ease of necessary communications.  Lessons missed due to lack of proper contact information are at the discretion of the instructor.  Please only use emails for general information and scheduling matters only.  If issues arise then a phone call is best to keep things clear.

TARDINESS:  If the student is running late then a phone call or text is due to inform the instructor of such lateness.  The instructor is not obligated to make up any time due to tardiness.  If more than 15 minutes of a lesson time is missed and no call has been placed then the lesson is considered forfeited.

RATE:  The current rate for an hour lesson is $60.  Lessons may be pro-rated for 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.  Payments are to be made in cash.

PAYMENT:  At the last lesson of the month all payments are due for the following months scheduled lessons as well as outstanding payments for supplies purchased in the previous month.  At this time, cash is the only acceptable form of payment.


STUDENT GUIDELINES:  As a student of an instructor you not only represent yourself and the instructor, you also represent other students in the studio and any schools or organizations that you attended.  Here are some guidelines to help you be respectful to everyone:

  • Please remove all shoes upon entering the inside house door.
  • No hair in eyes; long hair must be pulled back and out of the face while the oboe is in hand.  No long nails or rings that interfere with proper finger position.
  • ALWAYS bring a journal to your lesson where a daily practice record is maintained.  All assignments are to be completed prior to the lesson to the best of the students ability.  Review journal entries to be assured of assignment and important related information.
  • ALWAYS bring all lesson materials to each lesson: lesson books, current solos, ensemble music, journal, oboe, reeds, breathing supplies, etc.
  • Always have an adequate supply of reeds.  Soak three reeds PRIOR TO ARRIVING at the lesson.  Avoid soaking your reeds at the time of arrival for it wastes valuable time.  If reeds are to be purchased from the instructor then please give advance notice.  If you purchase them from a store then please follow the guidelines offered by the instructor for such reeds.
  •  Be prepared and complete all assignments!  Know your music to the best of your ability.  The instructor has a right to withhold/stop a lesson if he feels that the student is not adequately prepared or not open to instruction.  The student will then forfeit the lesson and the instructor will be paid in full.
  • Always be prepared or ask for assistance prior to performing in public, especially for reeds!  When you sound good and present yourself well you show off everyone well!


If a problem occurs between lessons the student or parent will contact the instructor prior to the next lesson to inform of any issues, i.e.: broken instruments, personal issues, etc.

Students will inform the instructor in advance of all performances and extra curricular activities that may affect the efficiency of the lesson.  Concerts should be announced at least one week in advance so that the student can be adequately prepared, especially for reeds!

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT is necessary to support the students growth.  Please be involved in your child’s practicing and performances.  Know what they are working on and continue to make yourself available to celebrating their musical and personal growth.  Ask them to play for you periodically (mini-performances) for it will keep you in touch with what they are working on and also help them overcome performance nerves.  Parental support has immense value!

I would like to offer to everyone an opportunity to help out financially for your lesson payments.  For every new student that you refer to me who signs up for a minimum of 4 hours of lessons I will offer a free one-hour lesson to you!  So, if you refer two students that sign up for 4 hours of lessons each then you will be granted two free lessons…..that’s $120!!!  So, help your oboist friends improve their skills by informing them of the benefits of private lessons.