Oboe Holiday 2007

August 7-12

Class Schedule (subject to change)


Monday, August 7, 1-5 PM

1:00 PM            Posture and Alignment

2:30 PM            Bringing a Solo to Life

3:30 PM            Repertoire Class with Lee Jordan-Anders, piano


Tuesday, August 8, 1-5 PM

1:00 PM            Breathing 101: The Three-part Breath

2:30 PM            Rhythmic Studies

3:30 PM            Repertoire Class


Wednesday, August 9, 9AM-6PM

9 AM-6 PM       * Private Lessons with George Corbett


Thursday, August 10, 1-5 PM

10-noon            * Repair Appointments with Brian Seaton

1:00 PM            Breathing 101: Performance Breathing, Inhale vs. Exhale

2:30 PM            Rhythmic Studies

3:30 PM            Repertoire Class

5-9 PM             * Repair Appointments with Brian Seaton


Friday, August 11, 1-5 PM

10-noon            * Repair Appointments with Brian Seaton

1:00 PM            Breathing 101: Breath Builder

2:00 PM            Oboe Maintenance and Repairs

Presented by Brian Seaton of North American Oboe House

3:30 PM            Repertoire Class

5-9 PM             * Repair Appointments with Brian Seaton


Saturday, August 12, 1-5:30, 7:30-9:30 PM

1:00 PM            Rhythmic Studies

2:00 PM            Reed-making 101: Wrapping a Reed

3:30 PM            Repertoire Class

5:00 PM            Reed Emergency Touch Up’s

7:30 PM            Student Recital and Reception




Oboe Holiday 2007 Class Description and Fees**

By class: see each class listed

By day: $60 per day

Entire series: $300



Breathing 101 (August 8, 10 and 11 @ 1 PM) 4 hours $60

Materials: Information packet, Breath Builder ($15), Conable: The Structures

and Movement of Breathing ($8).

This class will cover Body Mapping of the breathing apparatus to gain awareness of movement during breathing as well as develop breathing skills for performance, greater focus and relaxation…good for the performer and non-performer alike! Learn the essentials of a three-part breath as well as the use and function of our 3 diaphragms. Exercises on the Breath Builder show how one can develop better breath control. Multiple exercises are presented to teach the participant how to free the breath.


Bringing a Solo to Life (August 7 @ 2:30 PM) 1.0 hours $15

Materials: Information packet and a desire to play musically!

Ever wonder how to make something sound like music rather than just blowing and moving your fingers? Learn to enhance your playing with musical phrasing and breathing life into your music. This class will teach the student how to give themselves permission to put their personal performance on a higher level through deeper insights and increased awareness. Learning how to gain a clearer focus will enable the participant to fell good about their artistry.


Oboe Maintenance and Repairs (August 11 @ 2 PM) 1.5 hours $23

Materials: Information packet, oboe/reeds, screwdriver and cigarette paper.

Presented by Brian Seaton, of North American Oboe House and formerly of OboeWorks and Paul Covey Oboes, this class will cover the essential “do’s and do not’s” of instrumental care and maintenance as well as making your own adjustments. Brian is available outside of class for instrument repair services June 21 and 21.


Posture and Alignment (August 7 @ 1 PM) 1.5 hours $23

Materials: Information packet and your body!

Learn the essential 6 points of body alignment and the movement of our spine during performance…all to enhance your breathing and performing abilities. This will teach you how to sit/stand up in alignment with fuller awareness and greater access to your breathing space!


*Private Lessons with George Corbett (August 9, 9 AM – 6 PM) $45/hour

Private lessons are signed up separately for 30, 45 or 60-minute time slots.


Reed-Making 101: Wrapping a Reed (August 12 @ 2 PM) 1.5 hours $23

Materials: thread, staple, cane, bees wax, mandrel, ruler and an inquiring mind!

Reed-making is an essential skill of an oboist. A discussion of store bought reeds versus hand made reeds will help the participant gain a deeper understanding reed functions. Then, a demonstration of how to tie an oboe reed will help the student learn the skills to begin how to do it themselves. This preliminary class is ideal for the inexperienced student to gain some hands-on experience. Supplies can be provided by instructor for the class if student has yet to get personal supplies.


*Repair Appointments with Brian Seaton (August 10 and 11) $75/hour

As a top notch repairman in the country, Brian is making his services available to us in Norfolk! Take advantage of this great opportunity by reserving your time to have your instrument reviewed, adjusted and repaired if necessary. Payments are to be made directly to Brian Seaton for any repair work. Appointments are not included in the Oboe Holiday pricings and are to be signed up for and paid separately. Appointments are taken by George Corbett.


Repertoire Class (August 7, 8, 10-12 @ 3:30 PM) 7.5 hours $113

Materials: Information packet, music, oboe/reeds…and all your nerves!

Each participant will be given opportunities to perform their prepared selections with a professional pianist, Lee Jordan-Anders, culminating with a recital. Constructive criticisms will be offered from everyone attending to help the performer overcome performance nerves, recognize growth patterns and feel support from their colleagues. Individual rehearsal times available.


Rhythmic Studies (August 10 and 12 @ 2:30 PM, June 23 @ 1 PM) 3 hours $45

Materials: Bona: Rhythmical Studies, metronome.

Participants will learn how to use a metronome, how to count with accuracy through the use of subdivisions, demonstrate conducting patters and ultimately demonstrate three separate rhythms at once!


Student Recital and Reception (August 12 @ 7:30 PM)

Materials: Delicious treats, budding oboists, family and friends,

instrument and music…and, of course, your best reeds!

This performance is the culmination point of the week enabling the participants to use much of the information that they have absorbed during the week. Participants will perform selections worked on during the repertoire class. The setting is in a beautiful modern house artfully decorated with a unique presentation area. This is our final showcase of our budding young starlets! Reception to follow

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