Six Points of Alignment

Private coaching or larger class format is available to present this helpful material.  This “Alexander Technique” based class lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on class size, designed to give the participate a basic understanding of how the body is aligned for optimal freedom of use during performance.  This is ideal for any musician at any level and works well for colleges, ensembles and church organizations.  Please inquire about fees to present this class and customize it for your organization.




Body Alignment: Developing the KINESTHETIC SENSE (motion perception)

A. Six Points of Alignment

1. Skull on top of Spine
2. Lombard
3. Pelvis
4. Knees (if standing)
5. Ankles (if standing)
6. Shoulders

B. Body Mapping and Alignment during movement of breathing

1. Lengthening and Gathering of the Spine
2. Tilting of the Pelvis/Sacrum
3. Excursion of the Ribs and Sternum
4. Opening of the Arm Pits
5. Movement of the Shoulder Blades
6. Freeing of the Collar bones
7. Softening at the Base of Skull/Back of Neck